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"I'm a burning effigy of everything I used to be."

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Name:Brant Julius Fox
Birthdate:Sep 25
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Brant Julius Fox had a boring-arsed average life growing up. He was born in Liverpool and was the youngest of four children, with two older sisters and an older brother. His dad was a school principal, thankfully not at any of the schools his kids went to, and his mother was a speech pathologist for children with special needs. They weren't exactly wealthy, but they weren't destitute either. The kids never wanted for anything, and whatever hobbies or talents they showed interest in, they were happy to be supportive parents and let them have a go. It meant giving up after school hours and weekends to ship their kids around to everything from a multitude of sports, dance lessons, singing lessons, music lessons, etc. etc. Brant was really the whole one who exhibited any sort of ongoing musical talent. He started playing guitar when he was six and never really stopped playing. He started singing lessons when he was around nine years old, and showed a natural talent there. It was the only thing he excelled at in school. Everything else, his grades were average. Which he was fine with. He was never a high-achiever like his sisters were.

His sisters inevitably ended up as the doctor and lawyer of the family. Brant thought it was cool they did so well, but couldn't fathom why they would want to invest in so much ongoing study. Although he loved his sisters, they were older than him and nearly through high school before he even started. He was closer to his brother, Maddox, who was four years older than him and about as cool as any big brother could get. He was Brant's biggest fan when he started to forge a career for himself in music. And still to this day now Brant has made the big time as Rhythm Guitarist and Backup Vocalist for rock band, Sinful Effigy, headed by lead singer, Cruz Quinlan.

But before he made it there, he only managed to get further in a career in music by following his big brother to London. Maddox was always extremely close to their paternal grandfather, who owned a successful traditional British pub in the heart of London. Maddox always wanted to inherit and run it when Grandpa was no longer with them, but Grandpa used to tease the kids that they would have to fight over his cold corpse for it because he was taking the lease to the grave with him and he wanted buried in the cellar. Sadly, Grandpa passed away from a sudden stroke when Brant was 15 and Maddox 19. Grandpa left Maddox the entire pub in his will. The rest was history.

Brant had to finish out high school before his parents would let him move to London with Maddox. In the meantime, he met Cruz, who began to play with his indi band at the pub when Maddox started life music nights in an effort to draw in a younger crowd. He and Cruz hit it off immediately, and ultimately, when Cruz's guitarist moved on when he knocked his girlfriend up who had him by the short and curlies, Brant stepped into the spot with ease. Cruz was two years younger than Brant, but you could barely tell because Cruz was more wise than his years having been forced to grow up way too soon with a dodgy upbringing full of scandal.

When Cruz was 18 and Brant 20, Cruz decided to pull a bit of his mother's own medicine on her, and blackmailed her into giving him enough cash for the band to record, produce and market their first album. He also wanted her to get him connections in the music industry, namely someone who could be their agent. She did, of course. Though, it probably had something to do with the fact he one of his pals had photographs of her naked snorting lines at a white collar party somewhere in the city. Cruz got sick of the friends he was living with when they wanted to use him now he was becoming successful, so he moved out and in with Brant and Maddox. Maddox didn't care. He saw Cruz as another little brother, and took care of them both.

The band had a stroke of luck with those connections, and soon hit the big time. Eventually, they all moved to New York to record their second album, this time signed to a large record label. Their popularity soared with their edgy rock style, though like many a rock band, they weren't without scandal themselves, though most of it was fake rumour and fabrication. In the day and age of social media, that shit was virulent. Things took a terrible turn for Cruz when he got caught up in an orgy where he witnessed a fan being brutally raped, murdered and left for dead. The perpetrators knew he had witnessed it, and began to blackmail him to keep his mouth shut, or they would ruin him. No one but Brant knew about this, and it was hard for him to watch Cruz hit rock bottom and turn to self-medicating to cope.

Cruz started to work himself into the ground, and all Brant could do was watch. He tried to reason with Cruz, but you could lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. One night, shit completely hit the fan, and the band suddenly were faced with the horrific ordeal of Cruz out on a window ledge threatening to jump.

It was just a sheer stroke of luck that experience nurse, Hunter Alexander was nearby an intercepted, literally saving Cruz's life.

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